Sodaze Hash Gummies- 200mg

Sodaze Hash Gummies- 200mg

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Experience Sodaze Hash Gummies - Cherry Flavour Edibles- 200mg

Are you looking for a unique full spectrum cannabis-infused edible treat that will take you on an adventure? Try Sodaze's Hash Gummies!

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Product Description:

  • 8x Full spectrum gummies per pack
  • 25mg per gummy
  • 200mg per pack
  • Locally manufactured by Sodaze & Hash Labs 

Dosage: What is considered a suitable dose differs for everyone. Dosage is based on the individual and their requirements, "micro-dosing" is highly reccomended to find the right minimum effective dose for YOU - "Start Low & Go Slow". 

Recommended Starting Dose: Start with 1/2 gummy.
If after 60-90 minutes a higher dose is required, increase by 1/2 until required dose is met.

🚛 Deliveries: Allow 2-5 working days - depending on your location;

  •  Local - Cape Town Central: 2 Working days 
  •  National- Rest of South Africa : 3-5 Working days