Smok Novo Bar Disposable 5%

Smok Novo Bar Disposable 5%

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SMOK Novo Bar 50MG S600 Disposable One Use Vapes

A convenient disposable vape that is always ready to go, featuring an amazing 600 puffs. Each device arrives ready to vape with Prefilled e-liquid and a pre charged battery. Once the device has been depleted, simply replace with a new one.

💨 600 puffs - Pre-filled with 50mg nicotine salts with 5% strength 
🔋  8-watt battery. NOT rechargeable

Available disposable vape Flavours ;

🍌Banana Ice; delivers a refreshing burst of of ripe banana undertones and a crisp, icy finish.
🍒Cherry Lemon Peach; entice your palate with a harmonious symphony of cherry sweetness, lemony brightness, and a luscious essence of peach.
🥥Coconut Milk; soothing escape with its tropical coconut essence and a luxuriously creamy milk-like texture.
🍭Cotton Candy; Indulge in the nostalgia of childhood fairs with a sugary delight that brings the carnival treat goodness to your palate.            
⚡️Energy Drink; Satisfy your craving for a burst of energy with a lively blend that mirrors the refreshing kick of your classic energy beverage.
🍇Grape Raspberry; 
offers a burst of fruity goodness, combining the rich, deep flavor of grapes with the bright, refreshing raspberry tang.
🍋Lemon  Creme Biscuit; blending the tartness of lemons with the rich creaminess of creme and the buttery goodness of biscuits
🍃Menthol; Indulge in the pure, crisp essence of Menthol, a straightforward and revitalizing flavour that delivers a clean and icy breath.
🫐Mixed Berries; tantalizes the palate with a delightful mixture of various sweet and tangy berries
🍹Red Mojito; a unique twist on the classic mojito, blending the zesty kick of traditional lime with a burst of red berries.
🍑Peach & Watermelon; a fruity duet, harmonizing the sweetness of peaches with the cool and hydrating essence of watermelon.
🍓Strawberry Ice; offers a burst of summer sweetness, blending the juiciness of ripe strawberries with a crisp invigorating chill of menthol.
🚬Tobacco; Indulge in the familiar and comforting taste, a smooth and authentic blend that pays homage to the depth and complexity of traditional tobacco

🚛 Deliveries: Please allow 2-5 working days - depending on your location;
• Local - Cape Town: 2 Working days 
• National- Rest of South Africa : 3-5 Working days