12ml OKK Cross – 5000 Puff Flavour - CARTRIDGE ONLY

12ml OKK Cross – 5000 Puff Flavour - CARTRIDGE ONLY

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12ml OKK Cross Disposable Vape Flavour Cartridge 5000 Puffs, 3% (30MG) nicotine salts 

Embark on a flavour-filled journey with OKK disposables, where every pre-filled 12ml cartridge effortlessly slides into your OKK Cross battery pack, connecting magnetically for easy, instant on the go gratification.
Immerse yourself in the robust signature e-juice flavours that linger with every exhale.

With an impressive 5000 puffs, 12ml e-liquid capacity, and a 3% (30MG) nicotine salts concentration, each inhale is a symphony of satisfaction.

💨5000 Puffs, 12ml E-Liquid Capacity, 3% ( 30MG ) Nicotine salts

🔋*Battery Pack/Device NOT included - sold separately here

Available Vape Favours;

⚡️Energy; exhilarating fusion of bold and invigorating flavors that awakens all your  taste buds
🍇Iced Grape; experience a refreshing blend of crisp fruity grape essence with icy freshness
☕️Iced Latte; where coffee's rich creaminess meets an invigorating, refreshing frost with every breath 
🥭Iced Mango; magical tropical blend of ripe sweetness  with a refreshing, chilly twist
🍉Iced Watermelon; frost-kissed watermelon escape, delivering a chilling sweet sensation
🍋Lime Lemon;
a lively citrus duo, delivering a zesty, refreshing symphony of tangy flavors.
❄️Lychee Ice; experience the chilled lychee euphoria with lychee sweetness and a frosty exhale duet.
🍈Lychee Pitaya; deliciously sweet and tropical duet with the succulence of lychee and dragon fruit
🍃Mint; a refreshing and invigorating fusion with a crisp, minty exhale
🥭Mango Grape; exotic blend of sweet grape goodness and refreshing tropical mango delight.
🍑Peach Ice; frosty and sweet encounter with the invigorating coolness of  juicy ripe peaches
🍓Strawberry Ice; experience the harmonious mix of ripe strawberries with refreshing frost
🍓Strawberry Grape; berry delight with the combination of sweet strawberries and juicy grapes
🍦Vanilla Tobacco, rich sophisticated blend of smooth vanilla and classic tobacco

* Please note, battery pack not included- sold separately HERE 

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