Airscream 313 E-liquid - 30ml

Airscream 313 E-liquid - 30ml

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Airscream 313 Vaping E-liquid by AirsPops is an awesome tasting vape product at an amazing price. AirPops is designed with a refillable pod, cit can be changed at any time without the hassle of filling. Always ready to go. Heart crafted flavours, sharing the happiness!

The signature Airscream flavours in huge 30 ml bottles of the pure Nicsalt experience that you're used to with regular Airscream Pods.


 🥭 Mangolicious, pure unadulterated tropical taste of mango

🍇 Freezy Grape, lush and wholesome taste of syrupy grape infused with chilly sensation

🍉 Watermelon, thirst-quenching sweetness of melon further elevated with frosty sensation to kick start the sunny summer days

🍹 Berry Fusion, a wholesome mixture of raspberry and cranberry with added pink grapefruit to intensify the sweet and succulent taste

🥝 Fruit Fusion, a unity of strawberry and blackcurrant infused with juicy kiwi to accentuate the fruity taste

🍒 Lychee Raspberry, irresistible blend of thirst-quenching lychee and fruity raspberry produces the most mouth-watering sweet-sour delight

🍑❄️ Peach Ice, all the goodness of fruity ripe peach offers juicy and well-balanced flavour to satisfy the sweet palate

🔮 Pink Crystal, the flavour that will tantalize your taste buds from the first hit to the last allows you to enjoy the tasty goodness of the explosion of fruity-Licious lingonberries that's bursting in your cloud! 

🍋 Zesty Lemon, A simply irresistible, perfectly balanced lemon flavour with a zesty finish.

🌊🚬 Ocean 11 Toba,  A rich flavoured cigar with the lively scent of banana paired with a touch of whisky.

🍑🥃  Peach Whiskey,  A rich flavoured cigar with the lively scent of banana paired with a touch of whisky.

🍋🍮  Tarte Au Citron,  Get that crisp & velvety filling with the brisk sharp tang of citron fruit, as the smooth tasty filling of tart flows through.

🧊  Menthol,  Get that blast of smooth icy menthol! Reenergises and refreshes instantly!

🍓  Strawberry yoghurt ,  giving you scrumptious taste of Japanese strawberry further elevated with creamy smooth yogurt to complete the perfect savoring experience that can't be beaten.