Jack Herer - Feminized - Seed Pack

Jack Herer - Feminized - Seed Pack

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Huge production with large light green buds | F5

Humboldt Seed Company’s Jack Herer maintains a classic Jack Herer look and smell with enhanced effects. This strain honors its namesake, a longtime cannabis activist and medical marijuana user. This strain produces huge plants with massive buds. The effects are long lasting, wonderfully heady and invigorating high. This is a great morning smoke helpful in relieving anxiety and getting you motivated for work.

FLOWERING TIME 60 days, October 1-15 Balanced Indica & Sativa | Amazing pine smell Energizing and uplifting effects | THC 17-22% CBD .05%

  • Balanced Indica and Sativa
  • Huge production, large green buds
  • Eucalyptus pine smell
  • Energizing, long-lasting, uplifting effect