Airscream 2 Pods Pack - 3.6% Nic Salt

Airscream 2 Pods Pack - 3.6% Nic Salt

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Airscream pods by AIRSCREAM have the simplest design, which makes them easier and always ready to be used. Portable product size and packaging make it easy to carry. The AIRSCREAM team behind the Airscream pods are fully dedicated to taste adjustment and taste design to please consumers with the best experience.

AirsPops AirScream Pods is an awesome tasting vape product at an amazing price, which uses Airscream pods. AirPops is designed with a fully sealed pod that can be changed at any time without the hassle of re-filling. Always ready to go. Heart crafted flavours, sharing the happiness! It's every smokers dream e-cigarette, with the e-cig vape offered at high nicotine levels!

❄️South Pole 

Stay frosty below deep Antarctica south with super-icy mint

🍇Freezy Grape
A lush and wholesome taste of syrupy grape infused with chilly sensation 

The pure unadulterated tropical taste of mango

🍈Melon Gum
A thirst-quenching taste of honey-dew and watermelon punch 

⭕️Dornish Red
An exotic blend of syrupy and juicy pomelo

🍍Pina King
Relive the tropical summer taste with tardy pineapple goodness


🍉Ice Watermelon
The thirst-quenching sweetness of melon further elevated with a frosty sensation to kick start the sunny summer days

🧊 Ice Melon
Thirst-quenching melon gum further elevated with a chilly sensation

💙 Blue Cream
A perfect dessert mix of blueberry and white chocolate with a hazelnut finish

🍏 Apple S
Crisp juicy apple infused with anise seed for an exotic touch

🔮 Pink Crystal
The flavour that will tantalize your taste buds from the first hit to the last allows you to enjoy the tasty goodness of the explosion of fruity-Licious lingonberries that's bursting in your cloud! 

🍌 Bubblegum
The strawberry, orange & bananalicious delight breaks the boredom with a fun and colourful kick

🍑❄️ Peach Ice
All the goodness of fruity ripe peach offers juicy and well-balanced flavour to satisfy the sweet palate

🥬 Polar Mint
The brilliant marriage of Spearmint & Peppermint's doubles the sensation with a fresh burst of minty vibes to ease the summer heat.


AIRSCREAM Lab has developed its special e-liquid formula, which is mixed under strict quality-controlled processes. 

The Airscream pods ingredients include glycerol, propylene glycol, flavour, and nicotine salt. Nicotine salt is an organic salt, that creates a more natural and mild experience - Nicotine salts can also effectively stimulate the secretion of dopamine, thus relieving stress.