90%T Cartridge Honeyvape 1ml & Vape Pen Battery

90%T Cartridge Honeyvape 1ml & Vape Pen Battery

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One gram Honeyvape 90% T - CCELL glass cartridge full kit

⚡USB charger battery included- Allow 45 minutes for a full charge.


💨 Available in a Variety of Strains;   


  • Alien Blue - Focused, Euphoric 
  • Durban Poison - Uplifting, Happy, Energetic 
  • Goji OG - Tingly , Energectic 
  • Green Crack-  Uplifting, Energetic
  • Grandaddy Purple - Euphorix, Relaxed, Sleepy 
  • London Pound Cake - Tingly , Sleepy, Relaxed
  • Pineapple Express- Energetic, Happy, Talkative
  • Runtz -  Happy, Talkative,  Euphoric 

100% organic terpenes. CO2 extracted to get the cleanest quality.

    Full Kit - Includes 1ml 95% CCELL cartridge and vape pen battery ready for you to smoke and enjoy from first puff.

    CCELL technology helps maintain the true taste of carefully crafted cannabis oil.
    Ready to start strong from the very first puff, because life is too short for load times. This vape pen is perfect device for on the go - discrete smell. 

    🚛 Deliveries: Please allow 2-5 working days - depending on your location;
    Local - Cape Town: 2 Working days 
    • National- Rest of South Africa : 3-5 Working days

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