C-9 Hey Bud Cluster LED

C-9 Hey Bud Cluster LED

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We are proud to bring you the first LED range that we will be selling under the Hey Bud brand. The C-9 is a full spectrum cluster LED light with a true power consumption of 270W (this is equivalent to a 250W HPS light). It is a medium sized light (405x405x70mm) that weighs 5.88kg. The light is made of aluminium side panels and a metal front and rear panel, neatly finished in white. The light is easy to set up with the included hanging wires and power cable. The C-9 can comfortably cover an area of up to 1000x1000mm and it is therefore the ideal size to start a small to medium sized grow. The C-9 has its own cooling system to keep it running for an expected lifetime of 50 000 hours.

Below is the breakdown of the different spectrums of the veg, bloom and full colour cluster modules, the light has 3 different switches to control each of the 3 modules seperately:

C9 Hey Bud Veg spectrum

C9 Hey Bud bloom spectrum

C9 Hey Bud full colour spectrum

The layout of the modules on the C9 looks as follows:

- F = Full colour module

- V = Vegetative module

- B = Bloom module

C9 Hey Bud layout